Oran Etkin IL/US

Mladí ladí dětem: Hudební workshop s Oranem Etkinem

A unique music workshop for kids.

Thu 11. 4. 17:00 321 CZK

A reputed jazzman and a Grammy awardee Oran Etkin is coming to Prague to share a unique education method Timbalooloo Music. The workshop drives children to experience music through their fantasy. With entertaining games, stories and songs, Etkin shows that music is pure joy and that we all are musicians in our hearts. Kids are prompted to get involved, regardless of their knowledge of music theory or ability to play an instrument.

The workshop is designed for children from 3 to 10 years old. It is given in English with interpretation into Czech.

Oran Etkin is a jazz clarinet player of Israeli origins. In New York, where he is based, he has founded a music pre-school based on the Timbalooloo Music education method.

The workshop is held as part of the festival Mladí Ladí Jazz, organized by Nerudný Fest.cz.

60 min.
Suitable from
3 years
English translated into Czech

Creators & cast

Oran Etkin

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