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Our first foreign guest of this year will be the Berlin based troupe Analog the Company with their brand-new show Opening. They will premiere it in Azyl78.

When friends gather and celebrate, the world seems to be a better place. And what does this celebration look like when your friends are top level acrobats? Juggling, cyr wheel, aerial acrobatics, hoop diving, Chinese pole, handstand, wire walking and other disciplines, and energetic original music to accompany it. Let yourself be pulled into a world of humor, imaginative ideas, and acrobatics, that will leave you breathless. Analog will introduce Opening in their premiere show on the 24th of July.

They were missed for the past three years. And not only by our producer Bětka, who has been looking after them since their first show at Jatka in 2014. They are dear to all of us in Jatka 78 and Cirk La Putyka. With their show Finale, Analog has toured half of the world. They dazzled the audience from Canadian Montreal to Australian Adelaide, not only by their skills, but also by who they are. Talented and authentic. Energetic. And great friends to each other. And when they meet again on stage, things will start happening…

You see, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company hasn’t met for more than a year. For more than a year, they haven’t performed in front of a live audience. So now, their message for you is that they can’t wait to be here in Prague. The show they are bringing on the big top stage will be rehearsed here in Prague. You are in for a contemporary circus ride and a celebration of life, magnified by the sheer joy of reunion. If you have been wondering, what show to come and see in our big top in Stromovka, look no more. This will be the summer adventure for the whole family. And those who will have energy left, even after the show, can celebrate with Analog in the outdoor theatre bar till the morning.

What disciplines and who can you look forward to?

  • Mario Español, Carlos Zaspel (Chinese pole, hoop diving)
  • Bertan Canbeldek (juggling, acrobatics, and dance)
  • Sarah Lindermayer (tight wire, Chinese pole)
  • Manda Rydman (aerial hoop, contortion)
  • Ole Lehmkuhl (cyr wheel, hoop diving)
  • Florian Zumkehr (handstand, hoop diving, Chinese pole, guitar, vocals)
  • Richie Maguire (acrobatics, comedy, break dance, hoop diving)
  • Szabolcs Bognar (piano, percussion, composition)
  • Lukas Thielecke (musical director, drums)
  • Avia Shoshani (vocals, composition)

The performance is financially supported by the Czech-German Future Fund (Deutsch-Tschechische Zukunftsfonds) and Goethe Institute.

80 min.
Suitable from
10 years
partly in English
24. 6. 2021

Dates & Tickets

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Creators & cast

  • ANALOG - Cast and collective Sahra Lindermayer, Mario Español, Carlos Zaspel, Bertan Canbeldek, Ole Lehmkuhl, Lukas Thielecke, Avia Shoshani, Manda Rydman, Florian Zumkehr, Richie Maguire, Szabolcs Bognar
  • Sound design Jindřich Kravařík
  • Light design Karel Šimek
  • Musicians Lukas Thielecke, Avia Shoshani, Florian Zumkehr, Szabolcs Bognar