Groupe Bekkrell FR

Bekkrell efekt

Four women and a lot of smoke, delving deeply, they make serious yet whimsical encounter.

At the beginning there was their encounter, in 2009, at the CNAC (National Center of Circus Arts, France). Dazzling and exhilarating. This encounter generated a small tentacular production of 20 minutes very much to the taste of our compeers and which propelled them 4 years later into the wonderful meanderings of collective creation. And so here we are. Effet Bekkrell (Bekkrell Effect) sees the day.

What it's about... On the subsurface a strange fascination for radioactivity or what causes instability in matter and in relationships. On the surface, cables, strings, ropes, a board, four women and a lot of smoke, Delving deeply, they make serious yet whimsical encounters. After numerous attempts, they take a stance for perpetually changing lifestyles, precarious but precious. And they slide from steady to unsteady states, from clashes to negotiations, from utopias to disillusions... During 1 hr.

"The Bekkrell Effect is an exhilarating visual feast combining the power of punk with risk and flare. (...) Part riot-grrrl pop song, part circus spectacle The Bekkrell Effect is an energising experience. Inspired by physicist Henri Becquerel’s discovery of radioactivity, French company Groupe Bekkrell have created an unstable universe of perpetual movement where matter decays and bonds disintegrate. Powered by the strength of its performers and driven with the momentum of a gig at the end of the world, it is at once comic and revealing."

The show is realized with the support of the French Institute in Prague.

60 min.
Suitable from
6 years
12. 3. 2015

Dates & Tickets

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Creators & cast

  • Autoři: Groupe Bekkrell (Sarah Cosset, Chloé Derrouaz, Océane Pelpel, Fanny Sintès)
  • Zvukový design: Thomas Laigle
  • Světelný design: Clément Bonnin
  • Cirkusové vybavení, produkce: Julien Lefeuvre, Florent Pasdelou
  • Kostýmy: Lorenzo Albani
  • Dozor a režijní konzultace: Pierre Meunier
  • Umělecká podpora, produkce: Anna Tauber
  • Přátelské rady a filozofie: Marie-José Mondzain
  • Tour management: Elsa Lemoine / L'Avant Courrier
  • Poděkování za uměleckou a technickou spolupráci: Arnaud Thomas, Jean-Michel Guy, Hervé Grizard, Goni Shiffron, Etienne Klein

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