An international theatre venue

A multifunctional theatre hall as well as a small-scale theatre space, a training hall and a rehearsal space, a gallery and a bar. Jatka78 has it all, offering ideal conditions for the genres of contemporary circus, dance as well as non-verbal, alternative and puppet theatre. It is a residency space of the companies Cirk La Putyka, 11:55 and 420PEOPLE, a space open to Czech and international creation alike, one perfectly adapted to creative residencies, shows, workshops, conferences, discussions, lectures, exhibitions and happenings.

theatre hall
training hall
rehearsal space



The director of Cirk La Putyka, Rosťa Novák Jr. has always had this dream – to have a single space appropriate for rehearsals, training and public performance. The dream has eventually come true thanks to the support of our fellow artists, friends as well as endless hours, weeks and months of volunteer work and financial contributions from companies and enlightened individuals. On November 5, 2014 we launched a two-month trial of public presentation that helped us define our future goals.

From February to April 2015 we organized a crowdfunding campaign that helped us co-finance a partial refurbishing of the house as well as basic technical equipment to help us run the theatre in on all-year-long basis. As such, Jatka78 is a product of a bottom-up effort, an embodiment of authentic demand from the public of our time and the cultural society in the broadest sense. We are grateful to all of you who have supported us and to all of you who follow our work. It is thanks to you that our dream keeps coming true.

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