420PEOPLE & Please the Trees CZ


A dance-music fusion

A time-proven dance-music collaboration of the dance company 420PEOPLE and the band Please the Trees. 
Highlights of 420PEOPLE’s creations from the past five years: enthralling scenes from Mirage, Wind-up, Sacrebleu and REEN. A night of live dance and music presented by top dancers from 420PEOPLE and outstanding alternative rock musicians from Please the Trees with frontman Václav Havelka.

“The dancers are an uncontrollable stream of movement, music and words, showing 100% dedication, enthusiasm, spontaneity and an almost contagious joy of movement. Easy-going parts take turns with rhythm-driven moments, impressive and melancholic testimonies change for lighter touch and subtle irony. This is a perfectly balanced programme, all the more for the choice to feature a live band on stage.“

Johana Mücková, Česká televize
50 min.
No spoken language

Dates & Tickets

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Creators & cast

  • Choreography Václav Kuneš

  • Cast 420PEOPLE & Please the Trees
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