Familie Flöz DE


The hidden courtyard of the villa is a crossroads of live stories and two worlds.

Thu 24. 11. 19:30 350 — 590 CZK

FESTE is a fairy tale for adults without words. A tragicomic story about the hunt for individual happiness, but behind which there is more…

A wedding is to take place in a wealthy household by the sea. In the back, in the dark depot, there is delivery depot, cleaning, guards, disposal. In a poetic melange of bitter tragedy and dark slapstick, the endearing characters do their best to ensure the smooth provisioning of the magnificent house by the sea. Doomed to remain weak, they fight for their dignity and the respect of the strong and the rich. But suddenly the sea has disappeared and all that remains is a desert of sand and stone. For a moment, everything stands still. But the music plays louder, the celebration of love is to continue.

The performance is financially supported by the Czech-German Future Fund (Deutsch-Tschechische Zukunftsfonds).

90 min.
Suitable from
7 years
No spoken language
24. 8. 2021

Creators & cast

  • A play by Andres Angulo, Björn Leese, Hajo Schüler, Johannes Stubenvoll, Thomas van Ouwerkerk, Michael Vogel
  • With Andres Angulo, Johannes Stubenvoll, Thomas van Ouwerkerk
  • Direction Michael Vogel
  • Co-Direction Bjoern Leese
  • Masks Hajo Schüler
  • Set Felix Nolze, Rotes Pferd
  • Costumes Mascha Schubert
  • Sound Design Dirk Schröder
  • Music Maraike Brüning, Benjamin Reber
  • Song "Hold on“ Marlena Käthe
  • Light Design Reinhard Hubert
  • Video Art Work Maraike Brüning
  • Production Manager Gianni Bettucci
  • Production Team Dorén Grafendorf, Carolin Hartwich