Cirk La Putyka CZ

Hit, Tell the Difference

A project about cultural hits between two different poetics of Czech Cirk La Putyka and Rwandian Future Vision Acrobat.

Hit is a project about cultural hits - the hits between two different poetics, those of Cirk La Putyka and Future Vision Acrobat. Hit is about prejudice. About dreams. Hit is a celebration. Hit is about mom. About a smile. Hit is something that makes sense. Bringing together acrobats, dancers, performers and musicians from Rwanda, Czech Republic and Canada, this unique project was created in Prague and Rwanda by the ringmaster Rostislav Novák Jr. and Rwandese artists.

“We have ten artists coming to Prague, some of them children, some orphans, others homeless. Some are musicians, some do flying, some are acrobats. All of them unite with Cirk La Putyka and our guests,“ Cirk La Putyka's Rostislav Novák Jr. explains. The project features the best Czech trampoline jumper Naim Ashhab, music is composed by Jan Křížek, frontman of Walk Choc Ice and member of Blue Effect, together with Cirk La Putyka's lead singer Andrej Rády and keyboardist Adam Novotný. The sets are designed by Antonín Šilar.

The whole project is being captured in a documentary film to be released in cinemas in 2018. One of the release takes a place in July 2018 at Jatka78.

"When all the Rwandans are on the stage, the energy is spouting and stirring the audience, with standing ovation in the end. Endless curtain call."

Magdalena Čechlovská / Hospodářské noviny, 24. 8. 2017
75 min.
Suitable from
5 years
No spoken language

Dates & Tickets

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Creators & cast

  • Director Rostislav Novák Jr.
  • Stage design Antonín Šilar
  • Costumes Kristina Záveská 
  • Choreography Dora Hoštová
  • Music Jan Křížek, Andrej Rády, Adam Novotný
  • Lighting design Jiří "Zewll" Maleňák
  • Cast Valentin Verdure, Zbyněk Šporc, Naim Ashhab, Elisee Niyonsenga, Niyobuhungiro Emmanuel, Patient Bahati, Anaclet Nsabimana, Gisubizo Emmanuel, Nshuti Emmanuel, Abubakal Hakizimana, Justin Ntwali, Abubakar Niyobuhungiro, Theogene Nsengiyumva
  • Production Michal Sikora
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