Familie Flöz DE

Hotel Paradiso

The road to heaven leads through hell

Strange things happen at HOTEL PARADISO, a time-honoured mountain resort kept alive with some difficulty by an old lady and her family. While a mineral spring promises relief from physical and mental pain and the hotel proudly boasts four stars, dark clouds are nevertheless gathering in the bright sky. The son dreams of his great love while fighting his sister in his effort to gain control of the hotel. Meanwhile, the maid is in the habit of stealing the hotel guests' valuables, and the cook chops up much more than just pork.

A first corpse turns up causing all the hotel's staff and guests to get mixed up in a turmoil of fatal events. Dark abysses open up between the dizzy heights, threatening to devour all of the protagonists. The hotel's decline seems to be inevitable, since corpses are always bad for business.


“Why the Familie Flöz uses masks? Masks set the imagination free. The viewer can create his own images undistracted by the actor’s facial expressions. The actor can make the experience richer. The mask is fixed. But as an actor I can make it laugh, cry… and make the audience laugh and cry.”

Michael Vogel, artistic director of Familie Flöz


This is a dramatic nightmare steeped in black humour with a hint of melancholy, the most vicious and mysterious play hitherto staged by Familie Flöz.

85 min.
Suitable from
8 years
No spoken language
19. 4. 2008

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Creators & cast

  • A Production by Familie Flöz, Theater Duisburg, Theaterhaus Stuttgart
  • A Play by Sebastian Kautz, Anna Kistel, Thomas Rascher, Frederik Rohn, Hajo Schüler, Michael Vogel and Nicolas Witte
  • Cast Anna Kistel/Marina Rodriguez Llorente/Melanie Schmidli, Matteo Fantoni/Sebastian Kautz, Daniel Matheus/Frederik Rohn, Fabian Baumgarten/Thomas Rascher/Nicolas Witte 
  • Direction Michael Vogel
  • Masks Thomas Rascher, Hajo Schüler
Set design Michael Ottopal

  • Costumes Eliseu R. Weide

  • Sound design Dirk Schröder
Light design Reinhard Hubert
  • Sound Florian Mönks, Thomas Wacker
Lighting Sylvain Faye, Max Rux
  • Graphics Silke Meyer
  • Artistic assistance Stefan Lochau

  • Production management Gianni Bettucci

  • Production assistant Dorén Gräfendorf
  • Photo Marianne Menke, Simona Fossi, Michael Vogel
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