Familie Flöz DE


The unique mask theatre back in Prague!

Tue 22. 5. 19:30 300 — 490 CZK


This is a play starring four fabulously masked figures, a very crafty game of shadows and some truly enchanting music. A game of transience, of being born and of growing old. A vigorous succession of scenes about the inevitable fate of the human being. Life itself that creative force that lets us triumph and fail plays the star role.

Infinita is a tangible mosaic of life, simply and virtuously composed; a brief insight into the eternity of birth, sex and death and everything else that is odd.

"At the end of a performance one could swear that the actors had spoken, laughed and cried. A fascinating experiment in theater that is executed with incredible body control. (...) One of the most peculiar theatre project of our times. (...) Familie Flöz tells stories with a humor, a charm and a furor that seems to be addictive."

Süddeutsche Zeitung

"A fabulous generous ninety minutes boldly goes where many are afraid to go: irreverence and respect hand in glove they hold the mirror up to absurd incontinent life. And we can’t stop laughing at ourselves. For this light relief I can only give much thanks. Pure magic."

British Theatre Guide
90 min.
Suitable from
6 years
No spoken language
5. 10. 2006

Creators & cast

  • Production: Familie Flöz, Admiralspalast, Theaterhaus Stuttgart
  • Play by and with: Björn Leese, Benjamin Reber, Hajo Schüler, Michael Vogel
  • Director: Hajo Schüler, Michael Vogel
  • Masks: Hajo Schüler
  • Set design: Michael Ottopal
  • Costumes: Eliseu R. Weide
  • Sound design: Dirk Schröder
  • Music: Dirk Schröder, Benjamin Reber
  • Light design: Reinhard Hubert
  • Video art work: Silke Meyer
  • Video animation: Andreas Dihm
  • Artistic assistant: Stefan Lochau
  • Production: Pierre-Yves Bazin, Gianni Bettucci
  • Production assistant: Dorén Gräfendorf, Dana Schmidt, Evy Schubert    
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