Marko Ivanović, Matěj Forman CZ

Kniha džunglí

The Forman Brothers Theater, DEKKADANCERS and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra are jointly preparing a theatrical music and dance adaptation of The Jungle Book.

Tue 7. 6. 19:00 390 — 990 CZK

"It’s likely, as we embark on our journey after the stories of the jungle, we might discover ourselves along the way. Our ingrained, fanciful ideas about everything we associate with the jungle world will soon diminish, and we will find the need to dig deeper to discover the true beauty. We enter the rainforest in anticipation of pleasant distractions and amusement, but already with the first steps we feel that if we proceed further, the rays of sunlight that cut through the tree crowns high above us will slowly drown in the impenetrable thicket and then, little by little, disappear completely in its darkness. What awaits us after? A quest to find the right path, exploration, and more than one adventure. The unseen, watchful eyes will be fixed upon us; and our eyes that may have forgotten how to observe the world around us will learn to see through the twilight. The rhythm and pulse of the rainforest, the intuition of our senses, and the rediscovered order. This voyage through the jungle will be a journey of self-discovery.

Will you join us on it?"

Matěj Forman

A music-dance adaptation of The Jungle Book produced for the Azyl78 summer stage, directed by Matěj Forman, accompanied by music composed by Marko Ivanovic and performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, and the enthralling dance of DEKKADANCERS.  

80 min.
Suitable from
6 years

Creators & cast

  • Theme Rudyard Kipling
  • Screenplay Matěj Forman, Marko Ivanović
  • Music Marko Ivanović
  • Conductors Marko Ivanović / Jan Kučer
  • Directing & scenography Matěj Forman
  • Choreography Štěpán Pechar
  • Masks & costumes Andrea Sodomková
  • Poster author artistic collaboration Josef Sodomka
  • Light design Jan Dőrner
  • Sound design Philippe Leforestier
  • Poem translations & dramaturgical collaboration Radek Malý
  • Production Jatka78
  • Dancers Alexander Sadirov, Alžběta Tichá, Ariadni Niki Toumpeki, Coline Fayolle, Florian Garcia, Filippo Nannucci, Ifigenia Konstantina Toumpeki, Juliette Jean, Jonáš Janků, Nikol Šneiderová, Ondřej Vinklát, Sanusi Taofik Ayomide, Michal Heriban, Mirek Kosík, Tereza Kučerová