Cirk La Putyka and Friends CZ

Mikulášská Jatka

Flying Angels, jumping Devils and glowing St. Nicolas

On December 5, all kinds of Nicolases, Devils and Angels walk the streets of Prague, that’s how its been, isn’t it? But if you think about it, isn’t it weird? Aren’t angels supposed to be flying and devils supposed to be jumping? And St. Nicolas, he should be glowing! This year, you and your kids can finally meet the true St. Nicolas and his team. Enjoy a walk through a heaven of flying angels and a hell with devils jumping up and down. The journey shall conclude with an encounter with a glowing St. Nicolas, the kindest of men. All of that accompanied by Cirk La Putyka’s band. And if you were good enough, you shall get an apple or a potato. But beware, you might also end up in circus hell.

40 min.
Suitable from
4 let
in Czech

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Creators & cast

  • Photography Jakub Jelen
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