Vosto5 CZ

Proton !!!

Go, pop music, go!

Stage radio report about the discovery of the sunken Czech band PROTON, which was silenced just before it became famous. Breathtaking story of forgotten musical legend from whom the giants of popular music and the underground probably expected much more. The musical comet of the clouded sky of the deep normalization is in fact intertwined with unprecedented number of destinies of contemporary musicians.

90 min.
14. 6. 2016

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Creators & cast

  • Režie Ondřej Cihlář
  • Námět a scénář Ondřej Cihlář a Petr Marek
  • Producent Petr Prokop a Vosto5
  • Hudba a zvukový design Petr Marek a Vosto5
  • Projekce Martin Bražina
  • Hrají Ondřej Bauer, Ondřej Cihlář, Jiří Havelka / Robert Mikluš, Tomina Jeřábek, Petr Marek, Petr Prokop a Bára Mišíková
  • Foto Nikolas Tusl