Studio Damúza CZ

Spal jsem s Marilyn

A music show inspired by the sex symbol of the 20th century.

Tue 26. 6. 19:30

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Cirk La Putyka CZ

Hit, Tell the Difference

A project about cultural hits between two different poetics of Czech Cirk La Putyka and Rwandian Future Vision Acrobat.

Mon 9. 7. 19:30

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Feel the Universe Circus Company INT


Collective discovering what the circus and movement theatre field.

Sun 15. 7. 19:30

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ADHD Hit, Tell the Difference Kolaborace Nesnesitelná tekutost bytí ProjectWINGS 15 LET Projekce dokumentu Cirkus Rwanda a diskuse s tvůrci a protagonisty Spal jsem s Marilyn Up End Down Symphony