The largest and most challenging project in the history of Cirk La Putyka will premiere this September

The long-awaited performance of the Cirk La Putyka is moving from the O2 Universum to the Azyl78 tent.

The Roads went through many difficulties and changes, but in the end they led us to you. After almost two years, we get in front of you, in front of the audience, and we want to celebrate with you that we can be together again and that we have rediscovered the roads to the audience. Roads have become a heart project for us, in which we have invested an incredible amount of energy. We want to pay tribute to the uniqueness of circus art and its history, and therefore you will see more than thirty acrobats, actors, dancers and musicians who form Cirk La Putyka, from different parts of the world and across generations.

You will see what you have never seen before. Clowneries, challenging and breathtaking acts and group choreographies. We are fascinated by circus art, the art full of truth, freedom, risk, poetry, laughter, tears, sweat, pain, and coordination. The art full of respect and trust, which has been with us for centuries. Circus is an art that enchanted us and led us to this project. We are fascinated by this hard craft and the specific theatrical poetry of the circus arena. Through this production, we want to share with you the unique stories that tell about both our company and the former largest European circus led by director Karel Kludský.

The production is divided into four chapters. The first one deals with the history of traditional circus art, which we follow through the Kludský family. With love and fascination with the craft, we are inspired by the former principal of Circus Kludský, his big top with three arenas for ten thousand people, his love for elephants, the greatest circus acts and dressage, and true stories. We get carried away by the poetry of the circus and the magic of the arena.

The second chapter is about the history of our company and our personal stories and experiences. You will see the founding members of Cirk La Putyka as well as members of the youngest upcoming generation. You will see our joint search for a path to the audience, which has lasted for more than twelve years.

In the third chapter, we reflect on the past year and our desire not to stop despite all the unfavorable circumstances. We left the theatres and looked for new roads to the audience. Where have we met circus, dance, and theatre? Where has culture been kept alive?

The fourth chapter is a celebration of a common moment. That we're all here and together again. Come celebrate with us!

"Circus is hard, hard work. The viewer usually sees only the romance and effect, no one sees the toil. One must have strength, and I didn't sleep at all three thousand nights in my life."

– Karel Kludský (from the book "Life in the Manege")