Kieslowski CZ


Deconstruction is a way of philosophical work.

Deconstruction is a way of philosophical work.

Music and silence, light and darkness, movement and love.

Separation, loneliness, fear, and silence. The painful relationship between a man and a woman. These are the main themes in the songs of the musical duo Kieslowski. This band, which performs so-called “urban folk,” consists of the multi instrumentalist musician David Pomahač and pianist Marie Kieslowski. These two exceptional musicians perform with the intimacy and rawness of acoustic guitar, piano, and the contrast between two distinctive and harmonious voices. Kieslowski, whose delicate songs took the Czech musical scene by storm, has released several albums with Indies Scope: Mezi lopatky (2014), Na nože (2012), Tiché lásky (2011), Tanečnice (digital version, 2012), and Na lože (remix, 2013). The band’s music has been well received outside the Czech Republic as well (Waves Vienna, Austria, 2013; Urkult, Sweden, 2016; Frazy, Poland, 2016). The band’s most recent album, Mezi lopatky (produced by Jan P. Muchow) earned rave reviews and was nominated for the 2014 Apollo Award.

90 min.
Czech / English
14. 3. 2018

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Creators & cast

  • Music, voices, piano, synths Marie Kieslowski  
  • Music, arrangements, voices & other noises David Pomahač  
  • Special guests Martin Tvrdý (sound design, programming, arrangements, synths), Jáchym Pomahač (voices&noises)  
  • Star Cirk La Putyka  
  • Choreography Rostislav Novák jr.  
  • Screenings Linda Arbanová
  • Sound engineering Tomáš Havlen
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