Hmyzí hotel bzzzzzz

Insects and toddlers: who with whom, or how to play together? The Theatre for the Very Young offers a curious look into the wonderful insect world inhabited by miniature superheroes.

Sat 17. 10. 15:00 150 CZK

The theatrical journey in a Czech-German co-production to tiny, barely visible in nature animals is intended for the youngest spectators and their guides. 

What will one mosquito in a tent do? Is the rule that the cuter the caterpillar, the more beautiful the butterfly? How does an accidentally swallowed fly in the belly buzz? Is it possible to visit an ant factory? All worms, flies, bees, ants, caterpillars, and even a sun-ridden flutter peek into insect and human houses.

The performance is a glimpse into the world of insect heroes, in the grass and narrow corridors, under the bark of trees and stones. It invites small spectators to the flowering meadow in the morning and at night. It motivates them to seek a relationship with nature and insect creatures, whose abilities are often incredible.

The specifically built performance for toddlers supports sensory perception, aims to develop imagination and awaken interest in aesthetic activities. It also develops the basics of speech subliminally, works with resonances and vibrations, contrasts and colours, and introduces to children natural materials and various types of fibers. With great sensitivity, it engages sounds and original music, dim light, movement and an insect-like touch.


35 min.
Suitable from
10 months – 3 years
Nonverbal, sounds
17. 10. 2020

Creators & cast

  • Creation and interpretation Hana Strejčková a Heda Bayer
  • Music and sound Michal Müller
  • Videoart Anastasia Stročkova
  • Stage design Hana Strejčková
  • Textile design Heda Bayer
  • Light Tomáš Strejček, Verena Russell
  • Production FysioART
  • Co-production Taupunkt e.V.
  • With financial support Česko-německý fond budoucnosti, Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Hlavní město Praha


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