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Young international circus blood from the prestigious university of Circus arts in Jatka78!

Thu 11. 7. 19:30 250 — 350 CZK

Being a child, just as being lost, is considered a transition between a starting point and a point of arrival. But if being lost was the destination, how would we react?!

The new circus show Kid was created during the third year of study at university of circus arts. Jatka78 again invited talented students to Prague who are dedicated to the new circus genre. Come to Holešovice in summer to get to know the new generation of the new circus.

The production of Kid will present varied nationality:  Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Together with the Italian director Francesco Sgró, the international class of bachelor circus students created a performance and then premiered at the Cirque Mania festival at Korzo Theater in Hague. In July 2019, we will be presenting the performance exclusively at Jatka78!

70 min.
Suitable from
5 years
No spoken language
21. 3. 2019

Creators & cast

Cast Aleš Hrdlička, Saana Tolonen, Dries Vanwalle, Elena Damasio, Xenia Bannuscher, Jonas Alich , Jessica Hellmuth, Christopher Mcauley, Ethan Leamon, Chané Henderson, Sirio Fernández Rubio, Alžběta Tichá, Will Blenkin

Director Francesco Sgró 

Music Pino Basile 

Photography Kolja Huneck

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