Cirque Entre Nous INT

Le Grenier

The attic is an invitation to discover a space full of nostalgia, frozen in time.

“Between lightness and gravity's effect, a story unfolds before the eyes of the spectators. The acrobats evolve in tridimensional space melding acrobatics with movement to create a vertical ballet.”

The attic is an invitation to discover a space full of nostalgia, frozen in time. A place filled with abandoned objects that whisper stories full of dust and allow us to glimpse into the past of their stories.

Five people find themselves in this place in order to sort thought these memories. During this process of dusting, they recollect their illusions, desires and forgotten dreams.

The attic evokes the time that fragments us, that separates us from the past. It traces a path between what we were and what we can become.

The company Entre Nous was founded in April 2017 and is comprised of five artists of different nationalities, all trained in the circus arts. They have travelled, mingled with different cultures, and have become citizens of the world without borders.

Now reunited, the group has chosen a joint path and builds a future together. In its artistic process, the company hoped to create collectively, gathered around a passion for the Chinese pole.


75 min.
Suitable from
6 years
No spoken language
24. 5. 2018

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Creators & cast

  • Cast Heloise Bourgeois, Mikaël Bres, Constance Bugnon, Jeremías Faganel, Matías Plaul
  • Choreography Lucas Condro, Sebastien Soldevila
  • Outside eye Sebastien Soldevila, Morgan Cosque
  • Scenography & lighting design Julien Lebrun
  • Costumes Dominique Vidale
  • Music Lucas Dorier
  • Technical director – lighting engineer Antoine Hansberger
  • Sound design Benjamin Favennec