Manda Rydman SWE


Extraordinary aerial skills and great talent for comedy. This is Manda!

Sat 21. 3. 19:30 290 — 390 CZK

Semaphore is created from meetings with audiences around the world who always have questions and want to know more after the performance. How, why, doesn´t the body break, can you fall down and die? Trying to find the simple answers, Manda tangles in and out of herself in personal reflections on the small things in life. Her unique body language extends between aerial acrobatics, dance and contortion in a solo performance that takes place both on- and behind the stage.


“The magical Manda Rydman showed us both in the aerial ring and the vertical rope, how to combine grace with power. Several times the audience held their breath. ”     

Mein event-tipp Berlin

“Different stunts at high altitude conjure with danger and beauty, a woman piruettes high up in a ring and at one point she hangs and dangles upsidedown in one heel!”     

Chicago Theater Beat

“Manda Rydman’s rubber woman is somewhere between a turquoise Pippi Longstocking and a punky edition of the little mermaid in her aerial ring.”    

 Malena Forsare Helsingborgs Dagblad
47 min.
Suitable from
6 years
partly in English
6. 12. 2018

Creators & cast

  • Concept & Cast Manda Rydman
  • Supported by Cirkör LAB, Jatka78, Subtopia
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