Cirk La Putyka CZ

Slapstick Sonata

A fusion of high acrobatics, Mozart’s sonatas and slapstick from the era of silent film

Wed 9. 5. 19:30 250 — 490 CZK

A darkened warehouse in Prague. The night shift goes through the motions of another tedious overnight. But all is not what it seems. Slowly, this group of late night laborers breaks out of their mundane routine, shedding their drab existence for a vibrant and glorious explosion of color, humor, movement, silliness, and physical theater. Scratch the surface- who knows what we’ll find? See what happens overnight and join the thousands who have cheered as these characters find joy in the most unlikely of places.

Set to the music of Mozart, Handel, Shostakovich and others, Slapstick Sonata is an absurd yet poetic theater piece without text or words. Visual poetry meets physical comedy with a dash of contemporary circus… and the nightshift will never be the same!

75 min.
Suitable from
5 years
No spoken language
22. 2. 2012

Creators & cast

  • Direction Maksim Komaro
  • Cast Jiří Weissmann, Anna Schmidtmajerová, Vojtěch Fülep, Michal Boltnar, Daniel Komarov, Šárka Bočková
  • Acrobatic supervisor Janne Rosen
  • Costumes & make-up Kristina Záveská
  • Lighting design Juho Rahijärvi
  • Sound design Tuomas Norvio
  • Photography Pavel Kolský
  • Graphic design Martin Sršeň
  • Production Cirk La Putyka, Circo Aereo (FIN)
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