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Souboj Titánků

Humanity is on the brink of total collapse…

Wed 19. 6. 19:30 200 CZK

Humanity is on the brink of total collapse… For a long time balance reigned, but the forces of evil have started to prevail… Selfishness, falsehood and their faithful sister hatred are tilting the scale… Humanity is desperate, embarrassing and banal… The gods can no longer be silent… Olympus is a pleasant place for them to loiter, but from time to time they must get involved in human affairs; after all, it’s in their job description… That time has come. The clash of the titans has begun! But first… first the gods must consult!

60 min.
Suitable from
15 let
in Czech
26. 6. 2013

Creators & cast

  • Created and performed by The Gods of Olympus
  • Costumes Ha Thanh Nguyen
  • Video projection Martin Bražina
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