Strapmania INT


Group of young circus adventurers exploring space on their first mission above the ground.

A group of young circus adventurers exploring space on their first mission above the ground.

What defines this very place in the air between them and how does one find a connection? About to find out they test their strength against gravity and experience what it feels like to fly and fall.

Each artist slowly weaves a net of individual paths as they cross in midair where straps intertwine as the silver lining. In small framed episodes and stunning acrobatics the audience gets a glimpse of the aerial world and the moment when the risk to fall lies in the hand of a newly found relation.

The German-Scandinavian circus company strapmania produced their performance solely based on the aerial apparatus straps which explored collectively led to the first of a series of consultations on body and apparatus out of a contemporary circus perspective.

The performance is financially supported by the Czech-German Future Fund (Deutsch-Tschechische Zukunftsfonds).

60 min.
Suitable from
6 years
No spoken language
13. 1. 2020

Dates & Tickets

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Creators & cast

  • Účinkují: Anders Björklund, Laura Borkowski, Mona Tesch, Rasmus Ohrt
  • Kreativní vedení: Elise Reine
  • Taneční choreografie: Lena Zinnen
  • Asistentka produkce: Marina Rieger
  • Fotografie a média: Julius Erdmann
  • Projekt podpořili: Alexander Aerial Acrobatics, Promotion for Performers
  • Poděkování: Jatka78, AFUK - Akademiet for Utæmmet Kreativitet 
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