Patron78 club for all friends of Jatka

Even you can become a part of our theater!

In October 2022 we will celebrate two years from founding the Patron78 club. Two year of our patrons watching over us. Who are they? They are big hearted individuals who have been, through their periodic monthly contributions, helping us overcome the perils of being a non-profit cultural organization.  Thanks to them we withstood the coronavirus crisis, and we can look forward to more theater adventures in the future. Jatka78 is an independent theater, which can function only through a multi-source financing.

We were founded in 2015 with contributions from our future audience through one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in the Czech Republic. And, after the first covid-19 pandemic closure, it was you again, our audience, asking us if there are means you could support us. By purchasing gift vouchers and tickets, you have helped us cope with the lockdown and a subsequent three month long financial dry spell.

Nevertheless, the situation repeated itself in the fall. Therefore, we decided to create the Patron78 club, and we wish to develop it further. During the time of the pandemic, when we lacked any income from ticket sales, we used the contributions to keep our theater alive. Now, we would like to invest all the funds into Jatka78’s future development, equipment, and especially its programming.

What is our mission? We want to be a great theater, which brings the top artistic quality from abroad. We are a space for new circus, dance, and classical theater. We are home to Cirk LaPutyka, DEKKADANCERS and Heaven’s Gate. We focus on advancement of cooperation between artists and entities, who would otherwise never have the chance to meet on the same stage. We also operate our summer stage in the Azyl78 big top.

We are not a semi-budgetary organization, so the resources we get from public funding are minimal, in comparison with other large theaters. At the same time, we are trying not to be a commercial theater, relying on formulaic genres. But the balance between it all is a fine line. Help us keep it and become our patrons. For the future of Jatka78, for the sake of its ideas, vision, and dreams. Or simply, so that we could kick it together time after time.

How does it work?

The contributions very between 78 and 780 CZK a month. You can also submit an arbitrary amount according to your own discretion, for any time duration. Or you can choose to support us by a one-off payment. A monetary gift is deductible from your taxes.

Club members can expect a few goodies in their e-mail. For example, better seats in the audience, early access to ticket purchase for quickly selling shows, or a drop in on rehearsals or backstage with full disclosure about what your contributions were used for. 

We believe that live theater attracts likeminded and lively audience. And so, Jatka78 gets to live on even thanks to you. We know that we can get through anything when you have our back. 

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