World premiere Kompani Giraff SWE

A Study of Losses

The world premiere of a new circus performance with music composed by American indie folk musician Beirut.

Tue 10. 9. 19:30

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Premier MANUS Art Collective CZ

Tepy čar

Beat. Pulsation as a sign of life, rhythm. A line. A line determining direction, a means of recording and capturing shape.

Tue 17. 9. 18:30

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Premier Cirk La Putyka CZ

Hey, Earth!

The production 'Hey, Earth!' invites the audience on a fascinating journey through movement theater and interpersonal communication.

Fri 27. 9. 19:30

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Better to want to be alone than be left alone.

Thu 31. 10. 19:30

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Czech Premier Knot on Hands NL/DE/BE


Three athletic bodies, three movements and dazzling possibilities.

Sat 16. 11. 19:30

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