Činoherní studio CZ

Henrik Ibsen: Peer Gynt

Your favorite antihrdina is coming, let’s make some spiritual Peer-porno!

Sat 11. 5. 19:30 200 — 1780 CZK

A dreamer, a narcissist and an adventurer. An artist of excuses, communication detours and spiky imagery. But be careful not to let anything enter his comfort zone! Peer Gynt - on social media, in spiritual porn, in the realm of self-imagination and self-presentation. Peer Gynt to himself. Peer Gynt slams. Peer Gynt procrastinates. Everything and nothing. Just don't be mediocre, ordinary, interchangeable. The ride begins.

Back and forth, the same distance
out as in, just as close!
It's all around inside and outside like in the middle.
Show yourself who you are! Say your name!

The legendary Činoherák from Ústí nad Labem at Jatka78!

160 min. včetně přestávky
Suitable from
15 years
2. 6. 2023

Creators & cast

  • Directed by Michal Hába
  • Dramaturgy Tereza Marečková
  • Translation Josef Brukner, Josef Vohryzek
  • Design Adriana Černá
  • Music Jindřich Čížek
  • Assistant director Marek David
  • Cast Kryštof Bartoš j. h., Andrea Berecková, Annette Nesvadbová, Jan Plouhar, Jan Hušek, Jindřich Čížek j. h.