Cirk La Putyka CZ

Hey, Earth!

The production 'Hey Earth' invites the audience on a fascinating journey through movement theater and interpersonal communication.

Fri 27. 9. 19:30 200 — 1780 CZK

It takes place in a post-apocalyptic dystopian world, in which full audiences and performers immerse themselves in a dreamlike state of rituals, fantasy, memories of the past and hope for the future.

This unconventional performance is the culmination of director Thomas Steyaert's more than ten years of research into physical communication between actors. He has always been fascinated by the nervous interaction in sports matches, where the rules are clearly set, but the result is unpredictable and happening in the real time. He began to wonder what would happen if such forms of interaction were integrated into an artistic context. In the 'Hey Earth' production, a real physical discussion takes place on stage, where the individual actors are more dependent on each other than usual.

This theatrical experimentation affects internal movements in society, tests, maps and transforms the established order. It invites viewers to think about basic human values ​​and relationships.

A presentation drawing inspiration from various sources, from literary classics such as A Clockwork Orange, 1984 or The Road, through Czech multimedia artists, important sculptors, choreographers, to contemporary circus and sports matches.

70 min.
Suitable from
10 years
27. 9. 2024

Creators & cast

  • Director Thomas Steyaert
  • Costume designer Irma Saje
  • Light designer Bas Devos
  • Lights Karel Šimek, Jan Hugo Hejzlar
  • Sound engineer Jan Mikšátko
  • Music composer Veronika Linhartová 
  • Musician Jan Balcar
  • Cast Viktor Černický, Jakub Slovák, Valentine Verdure, Mirek Kosík, Martin Kadrnožka, Aneta Bočková, Šárka Říhová, Žaneta Musilová, Lenka Nahodilová, Bára Halčáková, Karina Zarutska, Katrin Cvinerová