Cirk La Putyka & Friends CZ

Horáček GEN XYZ

A show that defies all definition; one that is easier to experience and live through along with us than describe.

Wed 19. 4. 19:00 390 — 1290 CZK

A concert? Yes and no. A theatre play? Yes and no. A cabaret? Yes and no. A musical? Yes and no. A circus? Yes and no. Poetry? Yes and no. Dance? Yes and no. An experience? Undoubtedly!

Artwork. A piece. Words, lyrics, poetry, and ideas of the song-writer Michal Horáček, which bring together artists of different generations, genres, and cultures. What is the meaning of the chanson in the 21st century? What would it sound like in electronic form?

Decadence and absurdity. Image and motion. Chanson and rap. The accordeon and electronic music. A live band. Acrobats, dancers, actors, musicians, but most importantly strong individualities who are meeting on one stage for the first time.

Until December 31, 2022, tickets are sold at a reduced price!

„I want to find out how appealing Michal Horáček’s lyrics are to people nowadays. How the lyrics are received by Generation Z and if they can relate to them. I’m interested in cross-generational and cross-genre meetings. I want to see what happens when people who may not have heard of each other collaborate. People who are joined by the quest for the limits of our imagination; and who want to see how we can inspire, and learn from, each other. How we can share a one-off experience, an exclusive moment and encounter. All this inspired by words which we are going to transform into images, which transcend borders.”

Rostislav Novák Jr

90 min.
Suitable from
6 years
19. 4. 2023

Creators & cast

  • Concept and direction Rostislav Novák ml.
  • Choreography Cirk La Putyka
  • Music arrangement Jan Balcar a David Hlaváč
  • Band CLPBND
  • Costumes Kristina Záveská
  • Set design Michaela Hořejší
  • Technical Director Olin Procházka
  • Graphic design Les Kanců