11:55 CZ

Městečko Fake News

Disinformation as objective reality

Fake News, a town where disinformation has turned into objective reality. Otherwise a most common place, with its elites, mainstream and underworlds. Rumour has it that child trafficking is thriving in a pizzeria downtown and Muslim women in burkini are a regular sight at the local swimming pool, all of them suffering from an exotic and contagious dermatological condition. Holocaust, as it turns out, has never existed and, naturally, has to be erased from textbooks and from the memory of revolting teachers and children alike. There’s lethal bacteria in drinking water and veganism leads to death. The good news is scientists are on the brink of discovering the cure to homosexuality. Besides that, the everyday routine of the town’s population consists mostly of getting ready to fight against immigrants - their invasion into the town is imminent. But what if they're not coming? Could it be that the doomsday was a cheap hoax? What else have we missed in between the lines?

An original work directed by Kasha Jandáčková, staged by the company 11:55.

Suitable from
12 years
29. 11. 2017

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Creators & cast

    • Režie Kasha Jandáčková
    • Dramaturgie Jana Macíčková
    • Scénografie Pavla Kamanová
    • Produkce Lucie Špačková, Ludmila Veřtátová, Karolína Soukupová
    • Hrají Pavlína Balner, Michal Bednář, Martin Dědoch, Jan Hofman, Bořek Joura, Daniela Šišková, Tereza Volánková
    • Hudba: Jan Čtvrtník
    • Spolupracovali: Petra Majerčíková, Johana Matoušková, Michal Balner
    • Plakát: Nikola Ivanov