Mezi námi

Mezi námi (Among Us) is an interactive, dance and multimedia performance for all children and adults about home, friendship and world of fantasy. The theater performance is intended for schools.

Mezi námi (Among Us) is an interactive and multigenerational, dance and visual performance with five performers, two musicians and one puppet for all children and adults. On the principle of children´s games and origami, it encourages imagination and emphasizes the importance of home.

What does “home” mean for children?

The performance develops a story that can happen anywhere on earth. At first we all are children. Our home is a family or a place where there are toys and fairy tales or dreams. Adults are at home where they live, or stay and work. But also they move homes. And then children are looking for a key and way to their new home. But home of our childhood and first dreams are deeply hidden in our souls, hearts and memories.  

Our story is real, but at the same time a fairy tale. It reflects a child´s view of the world which is then confronted with an adult´s perspective.

Among us it is a journey into childhood, memories and dreams.

"This one is an extraordinarily communicative theatre project opening the window into the theatre world, but not only towards theatre – even into the world in general."

Ostravan.cz, author: L. Vrchovský  

"There is a multi-layered project vesting upon a research that has been going on for several years in schools and which is based upon the children´s ideas, creative work and plays and furthermore, one which is working with video shootings of authentic responses given by the children."

Tvořivá dramatika (Creative Dramaturgy), A. Hrnečková

"A functional fairy tale projection, live music and well thought work with props and a puppet establishes enchanting, fictional worlds. "

Eva Orcígrová, Taneční actuality (Latest Dance News)
50 min.
Suitable from
4 years
No spoken language
19. 11. 2015

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Creators & cast

  • Concept and Direction Hana Strejčková
  • Choreographic cooperation Veronika Kacianová, Věra Ondrašíková 
  • Dramaturgical cooperation Kateřina Schwarzová 
  • Creation and interpretation Karolína Křížková, Andrea Vykysalá, Eva Stará, Hana Strejčková, Šimon Pliska 
  • Music Kuba Palys, life Hearn Gadbois and DJ Buldog
  • Art Concept Hana Strejčková, Marianna Stránská, Robo Nižník 
  • Puppet Sota Sakuma 
  • Costume cooperation Marianna Stránská
  • Videoart children from workshops (CZ, SK, ES, JP), Jan Hrdlička, Michaela Režová, Marianna Stránská, Marek Volf
  • Light design Jiří Maleňák 
  • Photography Pavlína Šimáčková, Ctibor Bachratý, Tomáš Strejček, Ivo Mičkal
  • Producer FysioART o.p.s.
  • The performance Among Us was created in the co-production of Tanec Praha / Ponec – Theatre for Dance and with the financial support of Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, City of Prague, Foundation Život umělce, Japan Foundation & Japan Fest 2015, Visegrad Fund.