11:55 CZ

Mezinárodní projekt P3M5

P3M5 = Plurality of Privacy Project in 5 Minute Plays

In 2016, the company 11:55 was involved in an international project organized by the Goethe Institute in the USA. The project revolved around the question “What is privacy to us in contemporary digital world?” The participants were commissioned to stage short original plays addressing the issue. Overall, the project featured 15 theatre groups as well as their writers and directors from Europe and the USA. We are now bringing the project in its entirety (15 short plays or, rather, the recordings thereof) to the stage of Jatka78. To be presented as a one-off exclusive program.

90 min.
Czech, English
6. 11. 2016

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Creators & cast

  • Author Tereza Volánková
  • Direction Ondřej Mataj