Cirk La Putyka CZ


You blinked. That's it.

Thu 2. 5. 19:00 590 — 1290 CZK

Close your eyes. Open your eyes. What do you see? Unbelievable, right? And now again. Close your eyes. Blink. Open your eyes. And now? How is it possible? How did we do it? Is your eyesight going crazy? There was a forest and suddenly it's not there. There were two performers and suddenly there are twenty of them. I was sitting in the audience and suddenly I'm dancing on stage. What is happening to me?

You blinked. That's it.

An eye as a gate. Circle to another world. A tunnel into our universe that we've been creating for 15 years. Cirk La Putyka is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary with the Okamžik project directed by the Finnish director Maksim Komaro.

The production is in terms of its size a continuation of the successful project "Cesty", which was shown in our big top Azyl78 in the last two years. We are bringing you a spectacle you will remember. Maksim's world is unique. It is full of magic, images, love for the circus arts and also for our company. On the stage you will see 35 performers, the band, and circus techniques in a way that you have never seen before in our repertoire. Humor, entertainment and poetry. We want to have fun with you in our common world.

Okamžik is a gift for our anniversary not only for the creative team, but especially for you. For the audience that has been with us for 15 years. It would make no sense without you. Thank you for that.

80 min.
Suitable from
6 years
2. 5. 2024

Creators & cast

  • Concept & Direction Maksim Komaro