Cirk La Putyka CZ

R. I. E.

Rest in Euphoria

Sat 7. 12. 19:30 200 — 1780 CZK

The show is not suitable for children under 15 years of age.

R.I.E. Rest in Euphoria.

What is the path to euphoria? What does one have to do to feel it? Is it enough to look at a work of art? To be close to nature? Or does one have to reach for the stars to have a taste of it?

Excitement. Decadence. Music. Rhythm. The body. Experience. Cabaret. Spectacle. Euphoria.

Rosťa Novák Jr.’s new production will bring you to a place where you can forget not only your everyday worries, but also the existence of time and space, and be free to experience anything that comes to you. A place that is created in the moment, here and now, just for you. A place where you can rest in euphoria.

Together we will explore nature, nudity, rhythm, humour, the grotesque, and satire. A constellation of eight Czech and eight international circus stars will ignite your imagination with sixteen different forms of euphoria.

The show is inspired by the glorious history of the early 20th century Czech cabaret scene. You will find out what Voskovec and Werich have in common with cabarets such as La Clique, Moulin Rouge, and Blanc de Blanc.

Come on in! Walk through a door that lets you into a world where anything can happen. We’ll fall into euphoria together, into a world of intimate experiences from which we may never want to return.
80 min.
Suitable from
15 years
Czech, English
7. 12. 2023

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Creators & cast

  • Cast Ange Viaud, Bára Halčáková, John Witte, Karl Emil Dahl, Katrin Cvinerová, Jakub Slovák, Lorena Di Bello, Martin Kadrnožka, Mirek Kosík, Nicole Martres, Patrick McMaster, Selma Hellmann, Quentin Dubot, Tomáš Hrubý, Viktorie Szalóczi, Filip Zahradnický, Helena Nováčková, Šárka Říhová, Katarzia
  • Concept, Direction Rostislav Novák Jr.
  • Dramaturgy, Assistant Director Vít Neznal
  • Choreography Šimon Klus, Mirek Kosík
  • Acrobatic Designer Chloé Farah
  • Circus Coaches Charlie Wheeller, Daniel Komarov
  • Set Design & Puppets Pavla Kamanová
  • Costumes, Make-up Kristina Záveská
  • Rigging Consultant Mathieu Grégoire
  • Technical Director & Acrobatic Rigger Oldřich Procházka
  • Music, lyrics, musical direction, guitar, vocals Katarzia
  • Music Production Katarzia, Šimon Veselý, Aid Kid, Christian Cahill, Kryštof Záveský, Jonatán Pastirčák
  • Sound FX Jan Balcar
  • Music Lyrics Katarzia, John Witte, Filip Zahradnický, Patrick McMaster
  • Sound Design Jan Mikšátko, David Velemínský
  • Lighting Design Karel „Karlos“ Šimek
  • Technical Production Ondřej Dědeček
  • Riggers Daniel Hajtl, Simon Bareš, Alexandr Volný
  • Light Operators Lukáš Brinda, Jan Hejzlar, Dominik Šimurda
  • Production Manager Romana Sekáčová
  • Graphic Design Les kanců
  • Photography Tomáš Třeštík