Cirk La Putyka CZ


Depicting life in hectic pace of current world via physical theatre and contemporary circus.

Sat 22. 6. 15:00 200 — 2990 CZK


A physical theatre and new circus performance with an exceptional international cast, directed by Rostislav Novák and Vít Neznal, and with a unique set design consisting of a huge treadmill made to measure in the United Kingdom.

We try to catch everything and catch up with what we missed. It's not enough to be good, we have to be better tomorrow. Time – we want to be with it, but it overtook us long time ago. We can't stop, we can't sleep, we can't sit down, have a quiet cup of coffee and read at least one article from start to finish (this sentence is already long for you, isn't it).

We have to run because we don't have time. We don't have time because it's still running. And getting it is a long distance run. A run in which endorphins are flushed into our bodies, so we love this lifestyle. We love it so much so that even though the pandemic has slowed down time, there are more runners all the time.

“It’s dynamic to look at, has easy to grasp metaphorical strength and is as engaging as a live-action cartoon to watch.”

– The List ★​​★★★★
70 min.
Suitable from
7 years
8. 6. 2021

Creators & cast

  • Cast Sabina Bočková, Viktor Černický, Ethan Law, Veronika Linhartová, Dora Sulženko Hoštová, Aneta Bočková, Marc Brillant, Jakub Ruschka, Terezie Kovalová, Šárka Říhová, Daniel Hajtl, Jakub Slovák, Jan Čtvrtník, Matěj Pohorský
  • Direction, concept Rostislav Novák ml., Vít Neznal
  • Choreography Dora Sulženko Hoštová 
  • Dramaturgy Petr Erbes, Viktor Černický
  • Set design Pavla Kamanová
  • Costumes NoN Grata, Mikuláš Brukner
  • Music Jan Čtvrtník, Veronika Linhartová, Sabina Bočková
  • Lighting design Jiří (Zewll) Maleňák
  • Sound design Jan Středa
  • Physiotherapeutic support Kateřina Mikynová
  • Running coach Ian Adensam
  • Production David Ostružár
  • Producer Cirk La Putyka
  • Photo Jiří Šeda, Lukáš Bíba
  • Technical support Oldřich Procházka, Daniel Hajtl
  • Video Jakub Jelen
  • Graphic Design Adam Willant