My kluci, co spolu chodíme CZ

Svědomitě nepřipraveni

Do you like improv bizarro? Inhale. Exhale. Am I ready? I'm ready. Then I'm going. Are you ready? No? Then come too.

Sat 15. 6. 19:30 200 — 1780 CZK

A quartet of actors who haven't prepared anything for you. Surreal-absurd physical theater improvisation. Together with music and light, they create spontaneous collages of scenes and images, from the abstract to the absurd.

Feel a pleasant tingle in your fingertips as the nimble boys walk across the stage unafraid to sing at the top of their lungs a chant referencing their cultural roots? Is it too long for any tingling?

60 min.
Suitable from
12 years

Creators & cast

  • Cast Brain and balls of the group Václav Wortner, The bold-tongued surfer Lukas Daniel Blaha Bliss, The charming and gentle Eastern European tourist Andrej Lyga, The much-feared and folk humourist Šimon Pliska
  • Lighting design Light-blind good guy with golden hands Jonatan Vnouček
  • Music Lovely sounding musclemen Tomáš Kůgel / Martin Kmec / David Lomič