MANUS Art Collective CZ

Tepy čar

Beat. Pulsation as a sign of life, rhythm. A line. A line determining direction, a means of recording and capturing shape.

Tue 17. 9. 18:30 490 CZK

Tepy čar is a performative project combining the live music of Sára Vondrášková / Never Sol, live painting of Lukáš Musil / Musa and choreographer Štěpána Nlasa Mfuta. We bring to the stage a visual poetics of movement and painting. We create a world, an ever-changing landscape of bodies. Capturing lines that take us from the inner to the outer world and back again.

We return to our roots and to the power of the essence of the individual, leading us to rituals. We return to the caves, where the pictorial capture of the moment can be our future guide. We return to ourselves.

60 min.
Suitable from
15 years
17. 9. 2024

Creators & cast

  • Choreography Štěpána Nlasa Mfuta
  • Artistic cooperation Lukáš Musil
  • Music Sára Vondrášková
  • Performers Eva Mora González, Klára Ešnerová, Šárka Říhová, Lukas Bláha, Tomáš Wortner, Šimon Klus
  • Light design Dominik Šimurda
  • Technical cooperation Romana Stachovičová
  • Professional cooperation Barbora Půtová
  • Dramaturgical cooperation Jan Razima
  • Costumes Simona Drábová