We have all been ready for Jatka78 for eight years now!

Open-mindedness has been part of our theatre DNA for the last eight years. Would you help us to keep it going?

For eight people with a big cultural heart, we are offering special tickets entitled #LetMeTakeYouToTheSlaughterhouse for 1.780 CZK. Your generosity will enable us to add another eight tickets for 200 CZK to every show in the #ReadyForTheSlaughterhouse category. You would help open our theatre to those who could otherwise not afford it. We believe in civic society. We believe that we are all ready for the Slaughterhouse!

This November, Slaughterhouse78 marks its eighth birthday. The “lazy eight” is a symbol of infinity. It stands for an infinite return from the end back to the beginning. We also often look back so that we can assess which way to move forward. In many ways, we have got much further than we had ever dared to imagine. Nevertheless, since our first campaign “Jump-start the Slaughterhouse” in 2014, one thing has remained the same: we have always wanted Slaughterhouse78 to be open to everybody. In our theatre, no one has to sit tight and merely watch. Together, we are writing the script of the story that we all take part in.

Since the official opening of the theatre in 2015, we have played 1.749 shows, our attendance has been 82 % on average and in total, we have sold 395.760 tickets.

How does it work? 

  • Special category #LetMeTakeYouToJatka78

By purchasing this ticket, you are making the arts accessible at a reduced price to those who could currently not afford it. Thus, you are not only contributing to the existence of the category #ReadyForJatka78, but also to the actual running of the theatre.

  • Special category #ReadyForJatka78

The tickets in this category are intended for those of you who currently could not afford to enjoy the arts. Your cultural experience is co-funded by the #LetMeTakeYouToJatka78 initiative.