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A Riveder le Stelle Reloaded

550 years after the publication of one of the greatest literary works of all time – Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, an international bunch of circus artists were asked to represent one of its canticle: the purgatory.

Tue 28. 5. 19:30 200 — 1780 CZK

How could a group of acrobats think of performing such a work?

In fact, they didn't think about it, but accepted the challenge without claiming to propose a cultured, in triplets or grammatically punctual work. They didn't think about it and continued to play and jump, to climb and do pirouettes with spontaneity and lightness and in the mouth the taste of an otherworldly story.

Guided by this and under the external eye of Giorgio Bertolotti (Magda Clan), the artists compose a varied cabaret with numbers of juggling, hand to hand, aerial rope, trapeze and cyr wheel alternated with collective moments and comic and poetic situations giving life to an engaging rhythmic crescendo. The audience – of all ages! – will be able to enjoy high technical moments brightly nuanced by light and lively transitions.

Finally, just as Dante managed to propose his work in the vernacular, so these artists present theirs using the circus language, that of the body, of play and gestures so that it is accessible to all.

50 min.
Suitable from
4 years
Czech, partially Italian and Spanish
1. 5. 2020

Creators & cast

  • Concept Davide Perissutti, Giorgio Bertolotti
  • Cast Davide Visintini, Giulia Racca, Luca Lugari, Klára Hajdinová, Mattia Comisso, Sarah Ferretti
  • Lighting and sound design Carlo Gris
  • Production Klára Hajdinová, Mattia Comisso