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WILT and shine & STICK TO ME

WILT and shine

What is home? Florian Zumkehr's most constant home is probably the circus. Despite circus actually being inconstancy par excellence. Circumstances change day by day and yet somehow everything stays the same. A life on the move to inspire others. A home away from home, without ever arriving.

The piece WILT and shine brings the restlessness of a circus artist to the stage. Florian Zumkehr uses elements from acrobatics, dance, music, and theater to ask himself and the audience about the meaning of home. He tells a personal story about his life on tour, where everything is constantly changing and only the circus can be found everywhere - whether on stage or after the performance, as a game and pastime and a constant source of inspiration.

WILT and shine is an acrobatic solo performance, staged in collaboration with the Israeli director Shay Govhary and interwoven with a shimmering electro-acoustic live soundtrack, produced by Lukas Thielecke.


“STICK TO ME” is the coming together of two entities, who could not be more different from one another. Carlos Zaspel, the artist, and his ‘partner’, a flexible fiberglass sticklike rod, embark on a journey into the highs and the lows of human disability.

STICK TO ME was developed and directed by Carlos Zaspel and Chris Jäger. This 40-minute solo piece of contemporary circus explores the dynamics in relationships of people with depression. It is with strength, empathy, and an admirably developed artistic ability that Carlos Zaspel undertakes such an unusual artistic theme by shedding light on one of the great problems of today.

The performance is financially supported by the Czech-German Future Fund (Deutsch-Tschechische Zukunftsfonds).

95 min. + 20 min. přestávka
Suitable from
12 years
partly in english

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Creators & cast

  • WILT and shine
  • Concept & Idea, Performing Artist Florian Zumkehr
  • Director Shay Govhary
  • Choreographer Sebastian Zuber
  • Composer Lukas Thielecke
  • Stage & Prop Designer Daniele Drobny
  • Illustrator Ekaterina Koroleva
  • Light Designer Ondřej Kyncl, Karel „Karlos“ Šimek
  • Musical Arranger & Sound Designer Jindřich Kravařík

  • Concept & Idea, Co-Director, Performing Artis Carlos Zaspel 
  • Co-Director & Co-Choreographer Chris Jäger
  • Composer Lukas Thielecke
  • Light Designer Karel „Karlos“ Šimek
  • Choreography Anna Shvedkova
  • Costume Jana Januschewski-Moze
  • Photo & Video Pranay Werner