Circo Aereo FIN


Follow the artists of Circo Aereo on a journey through visual dream worlds.

Stunning set full of mystery. Secret magic tricks. First-rate acrobatics. Breath-taking illusions.

A collection of otherworldly imagery, rich music, and acrobatics that seem to go beyond what is humanly possible in between transports us into a compelling, dreamlike landscape. Different realities are layered over one another, creating a gossamer fabric that disintegrates and reforms from moment to moment, exploring isolation, fragility, and, most of all, our yearning for human connection.

Why Circo Aereo?

Circo Aereo is at home in Finland and France, but they tour the world with their shows. Maksim Komaro, the art director, juggler, and one of the leading personalities of European New Circus theatre, is also the first foreign director to regularly stage shows with Cirk La Putyka. Together, they have created six well-attended shows - Slapstick Sonata, Play, Batacchio, Isole, Kaleidoscope and Senses.

A world premiere of in_between took place in March 2023 at the Chamäleon Theatre in Berlin, for which Rosťa Novák Jr and Cirk La Putyka had already staged shows in the past, namely Roots in 2016 and Memories of Fools in 2019. Both performances showed at the Chamäleon for six months before moving on to Jatka78 in Prague.

Please be aware that the show’s second act contains a whip cracking scene that includes sudden loud noises. Please alert a staff member if you require any further information.

Lighting Note: Stroboscopic lighting effects are used during the course of the production.

“When someone asks me about the style of my work, I always answer that it’s somehow in-between contemporary and traditional; in-between entertaining and strange.”

Maksim Komaro 

“in_between is an idiosyncratic mixture of analogue and tangible elements on the one hand and delicate poetic moments on the other.“

Theater der Zeit  

“In the end you don’t want to emerge from the dizzying, enraptured cosmos of Circo Aereo.” 

Berliner Morgenpost   

“Like dream scenes that you can’t let go of and that you want to continue dreaming about. And all of this conveyed through artistic precision. How fantastically artful was that?”


“A show that you can’t get enough of.”

Mit Vergnügen
100 min. včetně přestávky
Suitable from
6 years
No spoken language
9. 3. 2023

Dates & Tickets

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Creators & cast

  • Directed by Maksim Komaro
  • Performance & choreography Alyssa Bunce (aerial hoops, contortion), Ole Lehmkuhl (cyr wheel), Eetu Ranta (whip cracking), Sini Saari (aerial rope), Anna Shvedkova (hand to hand, voguing), Onni Toivonen (juggling), Saleh Yazdani (hand to hand, handstand)
  • Lighting design Juho Rahijärvi
  • Set Ddsign Pavla Kamanová
  • Sound design Atte Kantonen
  • Costume design Kati Autere
  • Magic consultation Kalle Nio
  • Original choreographic consultation Simon James Reynolds
  • Stagecraft & rigging Juho Rahijärvi, Jouni Ihalainen, Hedda Liukkala
  • Costume construction Kati Autere & Johanna Syrjä
  • Set & props construction Janika Holm, Jouni Ihalainen, Pavla Kamánova, Emma Komulainen, Tapio Komulainen, Kati Autere, Juho Rahijärvi, Simon-James Reynolds, Sanna Sucksdorff, Johanna Syrjä
  • Photos Kalle Nio
  • Produced by Circo Aereo
  • Co-produced by Chamäleon Berlin
  • Supported by Alfred Kordelin Foundation, City of Helsinki, Ministry of Education and Culture Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Cirko Centre for New Circus