Studio Damúza CZ

Spal jsem s Marilyn

A music show inspired by the sex symbol of the 20th century.

Sexy! Hard-boiled! Insane! Addicted! Desperate! We all have a ready-made answer to what Marilyn Monroe was like. Find your own in this music piece merging her life story and her greatest hits. Anna Schmidtmajerová as Marilyn, live music by Vladimír Strnad, all Marilyn’s men by Tomsa Legierski.

70 min.
Suitable from
12 years
23. 11. 2016

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Creators & cast

  • Concept, direction Karel Kratochvíl
  • Cast Anna Schmidtmajerová, Tomsa Legierski
  • Piano Vladimír Strnad
  • Photo Jiří N. Jelínek