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WABI-SABI takes the audience on a passionate journey to natural human longings.

Subtitle of the show is “Circus Sonnenstich presents Wabi – Sabi eigenARTig- einzigARTig” (unique and extraordinary, with a focus on art).

The WABI-SABI production is based on the Japanese aesthetics concept of the same name: WABI is simplicity beyond material possession thinking and is directly related to nature and reality. Wabi is a practical design concept and holistic life path. SABI is also described with patina and denotes the maturity and quiet dignity of second-hand. Sabi follows the universal flow of arising and passing away.


"Limit everything to the essential, but do not remove the poetry."

Leonard Koren 

WABI-SABI takes the audience on a passionate journey to natural human longings. It is about the need for love, being seen, acceptance and respect. It's about the necessary battles, inevitable defeats and surprising victories. The artists let the audience take part in their passionate search for individual beauty and love. The inclusive tandems of disabled and non-disabled artists convey completely new and peculiar relationships. The show allows exciting changes of perspective through the interplay of different body constructs and movement qualities. The show is consistently accompanied by a minimalistic yet playful sound layered soundtrack by singer-songwriter Dorothy Bird and her live band.

Circus Sonnenstich was founded in 1997. Most of the artists are living with Trisomy 21. 2011 was founded the Zentrum für bewegte Kunst e.V. (Centre for moving arts ) as an umbrella organization. After various successful productions and shows in Germany and abroad Circus Sonnenstich has grown to about 50 active artists in 3 groups and a staff of 12 trainers from various backgrounds, such as acting, acrobacy and pedagogics. 

The performance is financially supported by the Czech-German Future Fund (Deutsch-Tschechische Zukunftsfonds) and Goethe Institut.

“The strongest moments of the evening, however, when the whole ensemble perform together, it becomes clear: the choreography will never work synchronic, but that is beautiful. The music is played live from the Berlin singer-songwriter Dorothy Bird and her band. Once withdrawn, sometimes very present and equal to the artistry events, it is a big win for this show. Their sound poppy, with this Nordic attitude, playful layers of sound pile on top of each other. Wonderful.”



“Poetic images, high-speed rotating diabolos and breathtaking balance acts.”

Berliner Morgenpost


“If anything is possible in the conventional circus, where space and time are overcome with acrobatics, magic and a lot of fun, then this is especially true for Circus Sonnenstich.”

Berliner Zeitung


“What impresses me most is the realization that it does not always have to be perfectly stature bodies to accomplish artistic masterpieces. No. A different kind of beauty awakens pure enthusiasm here."

Memo Media


„Artistry beyond the norm.”

Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten


„Fine irony is not just part of the direction. The artists, who play very charmingly with the expectations of the audience, also radiate irony.“

Himbeer Stadtmagazin


„Virtuoso circus poets.”

Herzblatt Feuilleton
120 min. s přestávkou
Suitable from
6 years
No spoken language
2. 6. 2018

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Creators & cast

  • Cast Felix Brünig, Anja-Maria Fischer, Jannic Golm, Hagen Häsler, Florian Klotz, Mario Kraft, Anne-Sophie Mosch, Sascha Perthel, Soledad Rein-Saunders, Friederike Ronacher, Ragna Ronacher, Oskar Schenck, Sarah Walther, Felix Häckell, Roman Škadra, Estrella Urban, Johannes Dudek, Daniel Baum
  • Band Julia Fiebelkorn alias Dorothy Bird
  • Direction / costumes / production management Anna-Katharina Andrees
  • Choreography Michael Pigl-Andrees
  • Lighting design Ruprecht Lademann
  • Overall direction Circus Sonnenstich / ZBK e.V. Michael Pigl-Andrees, Felix Häckell, Anna-Katharina Andrees
  • Production Zentrum für bewegte Kunst e.V.
  • Photography Sandra Schuck