Enjoy autumn at Jatka78 in style!

Don’t miss new pieces by Cirk La Putyka, Dekkadancers, Viktor Tauš, and others!

The autumn season at Jatka78 will entertain you in grand style. We have prepared 7 premieres for you, including two international collaborations. Enjoy a total of 18 shows and almost a hundred reruns. We have something for everyone: lovers of new circus, dance, drama, and improvisation, young and adult audiences alike. Even on New Year’s Eve!

We’re off to a great start with a film premiere. The movie Americana draws its energy from a true story, a film script that was polished over several years and was subsequently adapted into a stage-play, from an outstanding creative team, but most of all from the extraordinary group of children performers that emerged from orphanages and segregated groups as well as families like yours. Viktor Tauš’s new show SNOWFLAKES, which will open the autumn season on September 6, is an epic mosaic of authentic confessions, a musical, a drama, a fashion show, a live trailer for Americana, another chapter in the story of our hope that no one can take away unless we choose to give it up ourselves.

The home ensemble Cirk La Putyka prepared no less than two premieres. First, on 3 October, in collaboration with the French director Daniel Gulko and the Cahin-Caha Theatre, it will present a multidisciplinary hallucinatory-cartoonish journey through Kafka’s universe – slightly twisted, almost real, but defying the laws of physics. The hilarious and wild circus show is simply called K. The cast features circus performers, musicians, dancers, and singers. Animal masks, three pianos on stage, and circus disciplines such as aerial acrobatics, ground acrobatics, a cyr wheel, juggling, a Persian pole, and illusionism will take your breath away.

The second new piece by Cirk La Putyka will be premiered on 7 December. R.I.E., or Rest in Euphoria, addresses the questions: What is the path to euphoria? What does one have to do to feel it? Is it enough to look at a work of art? To be close to nature? Or does one have to reach for the stars to have a taste of it? Rosťa Novák’s new production will bring you to a place where you can forget not only your everyday worries, but also the existence of time and space, and be free to experience anything that comes to you. A place that is created in the moment, here and now, just for you. A place where you can rest in euphoria. A show bursting with excitement, decadence, music, rhythm, the body, experience, cabaret, spectacle… so, euphoria itself. And you can treat yourselves to it on New Year’s Eve.

Jatka78 will host two international troupes this autumn. The Finnish company Circo Aereo brings the performance in_between, which has been a great success in the legendary Berlin Chamäleon Theatre cabaret. It is directed by Maksim Komaro, artistic director of the company, juggler, one of the leading figures of European New Circus theatre, and also the first foreign creator to regularly collaborate with Cirk La Putyka. His show offers a stunning set full of mystery, secret magic tricks, first-rate acrobatics, and breath-taking illusions.

For the first time ever, Jatka78 will welcome Sweden’s Kompani Giraff and their Goldberg Variations family show with two circus performers: juggler Filip Zahradnický from Cirk La Putyka and French performer Clémence de Felice. Joining great charm and precision, they will transport you into a world of invention, experimentation, and disciplines such as acrobatics, juggling and balancing. Their boundless imagination and playfulness are sure to mesmerise everyone from 6 to 99 years old.

Our home company Dekkadancers has invited bold director/choreographer Arthur Pita and his world-famous team to re-interpret Tennessee Williams’ 1947 classic play, A Streetcar Named Desire, as a full-on sweaty, jazz-infused, twisted dance theatre experience. Set in New Orleans in the intense summer heat, the show is driven by Frank Moon’s original music. Yann Seabra’s sets and costumes will take you back in time. The opening night is on 7 November.

The Holektiv ensemble will perform at Jatka78 for the first time. Their Radiant show brings together dance and new circus and will be premiered on 1st November. It is inspired by the phenomenon of Polish vegetable greenhouses whose powerful light sources shine like a city of a hundred thousand. The performance will be followed by a short talk by lighting expert, designer, and environmentalist Hynek Medřický.

In addition to the seven premieres, you can look forward to reruns of Circus La Putyka’s successful productions Runners, Senses, La Putyka, and Boom vol. II, whose closing night will take place at the end of October. Dekkadancers will present Poslední večeře (The Last Supper) and My kluci, co spolu chodíme (Us Boys Who Go Out Together) will be back with their Hostina (Feast) and the popular impro show Šmejdění. You can also see Proton!!! by VOSTO5. And much more. We told you: you will enjoy autumn in style.

Tickets are on sale now. It is up to you to choose.